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Testimonials From Clients

It prides us to know that we made a difference in your lives. Heritage Residential Care has reserved this page for testimonials from clients. Your kind words inspire us to continue providing quality services.


“Heritage Park was a wonderful home for our mother for more than three years. The rooms and meals were like living in a family home. The caregivers were warm and personable and always gave us feedback on how our Mom was doing. They gave 24-hour care to her and worked closely with hospice during the past year. All at a reasonable cost, compared with other options. Our family would certainly recommend Heritage to others interested in a family-like environment for your loved ones.”

- The Chen Family

“Hi, Mark, here's a testimonial. Thanks again for all the wonderful care you gave to our Mom. We'll stop by when Mercy is back, in October, to thank her as well.”

- Milton & Family

“Mark, your mom, you, and your staff at Heritage have been fantastic caregivers for so many of our family members for such a long time. In about 1993 Annie started with my mom (who was with her for several years), then my aunt and uncle, then my mother-in-law and now aunt Bess! Wow, what a history we have together, you guys are the greatest, always very kind and caring; maybe some day you'll care for us.”

- John & Sue Roselli

“Annie and her Staff at Heritage, have provided excellent care for my clients over the past 20 years at her various facilities. They really get to know their residents and care for them like an extension of their very own family. Some of my clients were easy to deal with while others were very hard to care for due to their memory impairment. Heritage always treated each of them with dignity, respect and love which made my job a whole lot easier. I could always rely on Heritage to care for my Senior clients and their families were very pleased.”

- Martha, Retired Professional Conservator

“The Heritage Inn was the perfect place for my parents who had lived in their own home in Burlingame for over 50 years. At first my Dad needed a transitional place to recover from his surgery when he fell and broke his hip and his insurance wouldn’t cover the care. The Nurse Case Manager referred me to several places which I toured several places and I chose the Heritage Inn. Lisa and the staff there were so loving and paid good attention to my Dad’s needs. Over the course of the Rehabilitation period with nurses and physical therapists coming out to visit him, I began bringing my mom over on a regular basis. She began enjoying her visits there and they even offered her meals with my father on a regular basis. After seeing that my mom’s social interactions improve and thinking about what best for both of them. I spoke with my parents about having them both reside at the Heritage Inn and renting their home. With much hesitation and a lot convincing about all of the benefits they agreed. It was the best decision I had ever made. Knowing that they were cared for at all times took a lot of worry and stress off my shoulders. Being able to visit them after work and take them out for lunches, dinners and even holidays when I could was great. I would highly recommend Heritage to anyone.”

- Judy , Retired Police Dispatcher

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“My mother was a resident for 6 years, she received excellent service and was treated like family by Annie and her staff (actually our entire family was treated like their family). Her experience was so good that my aunt, uncle and mother in-law all became residents there. Currently my wife's aunt (who suffers from dementia) is a resident in their Millbrae facility. Needless to say she receives the excellent care we've come accustomed to. Their the tops,  if I could give higher than 5 stars I would!”

- John R. - San Mateo, CA

“This is a great place if you have a friend or loved one who needs to be taken care of. I have had two relatives who needed constant care and I have nothing but good things to say. The staff is amazing, kind, patient and they know what they are doing. It is extremely clean and well kept.  If you can not take care of a loved one and they can not take care of themselves,you can have peace of mind if they are living at heritage place. They have several homes in different locations and they even have temporary living if someone is just needing care for  a certain amount of time. Give Mark a call and ask him for a tour so you can take a look and ask any questions..”

- Sandra D. - San Mateo, CA

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